Editors' Note

Welcome, Gentle Readers, to this, our third issue, which also happens to be our Anniversary Issue. Yes, our humble publication is indeed celebrating its first year of existence this month. Please, join us in celebration by raising a glass of your preferred beverage with one of how ever many limbs you happen to possess (we don't judge). In this issue, we once again reflect on loss. We are, it seems, a melancholy bunch. You will find herein fear of losing a loved one, a child, and a war. You will find those mourning for a lost way of life, and those mourning lost chances, what-could-have-been, and what-if. But all is not as bleak as it seems. Beauty is often born of pain, and great art from suffering. Contemplate the exquisiteness of a spider's web, and the flies who find their doom within. It is all a matter of perspective.

Regardless, we thank you for joining us for this, our first year, and we hope you will continue to journey with us for many years to come. Now, let us raise a glass to toast the advent of our second year! Should you find a fly in said glass, never fear. We can assure you with confidence it is only doing the backstroke. [Correction: it is a butterfly stroke. Have I made a mistake in trusting my journal to you two? —Sir Reginald]