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Greetings, Gentle Reader.

It would be insulting, I suspect, to inform you that the production of a magazine, even an online magazine where the costs of physical production are relatively negligible and the staff volunteers, costs money. Almost all of the cost of running the magazine consists of paying the writers and artists, all of whom deserve substantially more than they receive.

Unfortunately, while our sponsor and spiritual leader, Sir Reginald, has been unfailing in his moral and inspirational support, due to some unfortunate circumstances that are not quite unrelated to his being entirely fictitious, he has been inexcusably lax in funding this endeavor.

Which means, if we want the writers and artists to get paid, it falls on me to come up with the money.

Right now, the compensation rates (see our submission guidelines for the sordid details) are based on what I feel I can reliably commit to pay out-of-pocket on a regular and long term basis, with no outside revenue.

Here, Gentle Reader, is where you can help.

We are offering a PDF version of the Journal here, suitable for any pdf-enabled reader, or for those who prefer to read such things on paper, or save them for posterity. It has given us opportunity to use higher resolution images where possible, and to play with layout. The download link is below. Above that is a paypal button.

You don't have to push the paypal button to download the magazine. If you don't, we won't even know, and you won't have to hide from us if ever we're in the same place.

But if you do, your contribution will go toward paying future writers and artists that appear in our pages. And if enough of you think, as we do, that these people deserve to be compensated better than they are, and are willing to contribute to that cause, then they will be.

Thank you,

Bernie Mojzes

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